“I am beyond happy with my first month of using ProRecovery Platinum. My sleep has improved, my energy level is up and I  don’t have that 2 pm slump that would cause me to grab a candy bar and a sugar soda to stay awake. I am looking forward to my next month of supplements.”

“I quit heroin and my brain felt foggy, like I was in a dream all the time. Nothing helped, I tried exercise, diet and even acupuncture and I still felt brain foggy.  After 2 months of using the Platinum Red Box, my head cleared up and I had tons of energy. I was skeptical of this because I had never heard of it, but I am very happy I found Dr. Cali and got on the supplements.”

“After 6 years on methadone I wanted off and was scared to quit. Dr. Cali coaxed me through the detox process using supplements and changing my diet. I didn’t know that sugar and opiates gave me the same boost of serotonin and dopamine that I craved. After finding Platinum Red Box, I was able to come off methadone without getting sick.”

“I used cocaine for years as a party drug in my line of work, everyone did. As I got older I noticed I couldn’t keep up anymore doing blow and staying up all night.  I wanted a healthier lifestyle and to feel that I was not tearing my body down anymore, but I still wanted the energy of the drug.  I was able to start on the supplements and feel sustained long term energy and improved sleep. My work even improved!”

“I play for the NFL and we can’t take certain drugs. I was addicted to opiates from my injuries in the game and was able to safely restore my health with supplements. I have more sustained energy and my head is clear.”

“As an executive in Fortune 500, I absolutely must be at peak performance. Dr. Cali Estes helped me get my head in the game by  recommending supplements that not only helped me stay off alcohol but helped me repair the damage i did to my body. I highly recommend the Platinum line.”

“My son has that ‘failure to launch’ problem where he just won’t be productive. Dr. Terayn helped identify that his serotonin and dopamine levels in his brain were off and after taking her recommended supplements for two months, my son Luke is doing so much better. Now I am not screaming at him to get up and take a shower. I am glad we could figure out the issue and solve it.”

“As a drummer in a rock band I need to play for 2 hours at a time and that is like the hardest cardio workout you have ever done. I need my supplements to sustain my energy and get me through the set.”