Are you a mental health therapist, addiction therapist, recovery coach or addictions coach that would like to add a new dimension of service to your practice?  Maybe you own an addiction treatment center, chiropractic office or other alternative medicine practice and you want to add quality product that you can stand behind with proven results? Look no further. The ProRecovery RX Platinum supplement line will assist your clients in achieving peak performance by repairing damage done to their brain and body from sustained drug use, depression, food addiction issues and more.
We have a 3 part process that our clients use to not only detoxify but rebuild, renew and reset. We would love the opportunity to discuss our system with you and see if it is a good fit for your practice. You can assist your clients in total health and wellness and add a passive stream of income in the process.We will train you on the product lien and also certify in the brain health methods we use.
 We would love to discuss how you can add the product line to your existing practice. Please call us at 1.800.210.6818