Natural supplements that focus on the health of your digestive tract.


The most overlooked step in taking care of yourself is gut health. Our doctor-formulated products will assist in restoring gut health and helping to restore internal balance. 

Platinum – Bronze Label Complete Supplement Packs may be helpful for supporting those working on restoring the health of their digestive system.

Pro Recovery Rx Bronze for Gut Health is a revolutionary approach to nutritional supplementation for those wanting or needing to improve the overall health of their digestive tract.  What we are learning about mental health and addiction is that the health of the gut is paramount for ongoing success and improved mood and outcomes.  Some unique features of bronze is the use of supplements that are specifically formulated to support digestion, bowel regularity, and absorption of nutrients.

Platinum – Bronze for Gut Health is not only based on science but it is also comprehensive, easy to use, and easy to follow nutritional supplementation system.  Using bronze ensures that you don’t miss taking any necessary nutritional supplements thereby improving potential outcomes.


As low as $134.10