Because we have not only considered the health of your brain, but also the health of your major organs, there are several supplements per packet.  Each supplement has been carefully selected to help support your mental and physical recovery from the damage that has been caused by drugs and alcohol.  Don’t worry though, you should not have to take this many supplements forever. Also, the reason we packaged them this way is so you don’t have to have a bunch of pills bottles on your countertop.  You just tear off what you need for the day and go.

If you have pre-existing liver or kidney issues do not take this product without first consulting with your doctor.  Each formulation has been designed with liver support (and other organ support) in mind. So not only do the products help with brain support but they also support other major organs.

We recommend that you discontinue the use of coffee and energy drinks altogether in your recovery.  Red label will have a mildly stimulating effect and when its combined with caffeine or energy drinks we cannot guarantee there will be no adverse effects.

Amino acids are the building blocks of neurotransmitters.  Using pinpointed amino acids will help your neurotransmitters achieve a more balanced state thus impacting the health of your brain and your body.

Each formulation has a different number of supplements per packet.  You will take the packets as labeled.  Each packet has a morning, noon and night group that you will take each day.

If you happen to miss a dose, take it as soon as possible.  However, if it is too late in the day just start again in the morning with the morning dose.

Absolutely!  One of the best times to take Pro Recovery Rx is early in your recovery process.  It could help mitigate the symptoms of PAWS!

No. If you got a box of supplements in a treatment facility then you can continue using the same product and go on auto ship so that you do not miss any doses.

Our product called Purple Label is a top of the line natural sleep product.  Or, you can ask about how to customize a program based on your particular needs.

Pro Recovery Rx can also help naturally improve mood and sleep.  It isn’t just for addictions. If you are interested in using PRx for mood related issues, contact our support team for customization details.

Customization is easy!  Just reach out to our support and we will get you started! You can click on the link or call us at 1.800.

Pro Recovery Rx can also help naturally improve mood and sleep.  It isn’t just for addictions. If you or your girlfriend are interested in using PRx for mood related issues contact our support team for customization details.

None of our products have illegal substances in them or any big pharma controlled substances, however; as with any drug screen process make sure you disclose what supplements you are taking ahead of time. Take in the box labels. We can’t guarantee that any of our products will not cause you to test positive on a drug screen.  However, they do not contain any of the ingredients that are common to a false positive drug screen.

You can travel with these supplements as they do not contain any illegal substances.  Just make sure you travel with them in the sealed packets. This is another reason that our products are in sealed packets.  Can you imagine going through TSA with 10 bottles or baggies filled with pills? We can’t either.

We truly wish every treatment center carried the ProRecovery supplement line!  As a matter of fact, give them our information and let’s get them started.  Our products are completely natural nutritional supplements. There shouldn’t be a problem using this product in a rehab.  However, it is entirely up to the rehab if they allow it.

Yes, this will not cause any issues with your dosing. One of our experts routinely has her clients get on our supplement line as they detox off all drugs including Methadone and suboxone. We recommend that you do disclose what supplements you are taking ahead of time.  Take in the box labels to your appointments. We would also be more than happy for you to share our contact information with the clinic.  This should be on shelves everywhere!

No. If you replace we recommend you get back on the product as soon as you can, after you go through your detox or you can check with your medical professional and utilize this product with your taper.

If you forget to take it for a few days, no worries!  Just start with the AM packet the next day.

You can eat your normal diet with or supplement line. If you want to really get healthy and heal your gut and insides along with your brain, we can provide nutritional therapy and meal plans with our Certified Nutritional Therapist.

YES! We have a discount on auto ship for single households and a discount if you buy in a wholesale format. Please call us at 1.800

Each ProRecovery Rx box has been specifically designed to balance your neurotransmitter levels.  This supports the reduction of cravings.

Yes!  ProRecovery Rx is all about the health of your brain and body.  Most people could absolutely benefit from a strong supplementation plan.  If you don’t have a specific addiction, no problem. Give us a call and we can customize a plan for you.

The answer isn’t as cut and dry as you might think.  It would depend upon what neurotransmitter imbalance is contributing to the depressed state.  Please contact our support team to talk about your individual needs. We can customize a product line that will assist your body I healing itself.

The answer isn’t as cut and dry as you might think.  It would depend upon what neurotransmitter imbalance is contributing to the anxiety.  Please contact our support team to talk about your individual needs.

Please take the dog to the vet!  These vitamins are meant for adult human consumption.

Yes. It will not affect your supplement routine. We actually have a line coming out that you can take if you are a social drinker to help reduce the after effects of alcohol.

Any of our products will assist in balancing out your mood.  If you don’t know what product is right for you please contact our support team.

Current $399 but we sometimes run coupons and discounts and of course if you auto ship in our program it is even cheaper.

Neurotransmitters are chemical messengers that regulate physical and emotional processes including movement, stress response, cognition, emotions, energy, cravings, pain and more. Imbalanced neurotransmitter function disrupts the signal and has a profound impact on your health, mental health, addiction process and general well-being.

When neurotransmitters are imbalanced you might be reaching for other substances including sugar, caffeine, alcohol, nicotine and prescription medications and drugs.  This further contributes to neurotransmitter imbalance and worsens symptoms.

When functioning properly, the neurotransmission system has natural checks and balances in the form of excitatory and inhibitory neurotransmitters.  When balanced you will feel more emotional stability, less cravings and have more energy and drive.

Amino acids, often referred to as the building blocks of proteins, are compounds that play many critical roles in your body. They’re needed for vital processes like the building of proteins and synthesis of hormones and neurotransmitters. While essential amino acids can be found in a wide variety of foods (particularly animal proteins), taking concentrated doses of amino acids as supplements has been linked to many health and mental health related benefits.

What we know is that many people in the throes of addiction and early recovery are not fueling their bodies with nutritious food.  This has starved the brain for a long period of time.  Pro Recovery Rx has taken the information about brain health and addiction and has combined it with the knowledge of amino acids and nutrient co-factors to bring you a top of the line product  With proper amino acid and nutrient co-factor supplementation we take the guesswork out of brain health recovery freeing you up to worry about the things in your recovery process that are the most important to you.

How the brain recovers from addiction is an exciting and emerging area of research. There is evidence that the brain does recover.  Some research suggests that after 14 months of abstinence, the dopamine transporter levels (DAT) in the reward region of the brain (an indicator of dopamine system function) return to nearly normal function.  However, many people relapse far before 14 months of brain recovery has happened. That is why ProRecovery Rx is a necessary part of addiction recovery. With proper brain health and neurotransmitter balance you could shorten the amount of time it takes for your brain to return to normal function.  How long you take the product is dependent upon you. Most people can feel a benefit within a few weeks. However, a consistent balanced benefit typically will occur around 6 months. We recommend that you continue to take the product until you feel you no longer need it. After that, you can switch over to the Gold product to keep things in check.  Red Label is not designed to be taken for a lifetime.

No, we have taken all of the guess work out of using supplements.  Each day you will have 3 doses of prepacked supplements. All you need to do is fit the packs into your daily life.  You won’t have a bunch of supplement bottles to keep track of. You won’t have to pack your own supplements. We have taken all of the guesswork out of the process for you so you can focus on things in your recovery process that are the most meaningful to you.

No, Pro Recovery Rx is not prescription medication.  It is comprised of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

For anyone on any kind of prescription medication you should always check with your prescribing doctor or pharmacist for drug interactions.  Typically you should not take Pro Recovery Rx at the same time as a prescription medication. It is advisable to take at least 1-2 hours away from prescription medication as long as a medication interaction is not present.

Supplements are not a quick fix, nothing is. Our Platinum products  will not fix your relationships, your money problems or be a replacement for the things in your life that have been destroyed due to addiction.

Many people who struggle with addiction are looking for a quick fix or a short-term solution to addiction. Taking supplements will take some consistency on your part. Daily use of the correctly color-coded supplement line will begin to rebuild your dopamine pathway and within a few weeks of consistent use you will feel more alert, bright and have some internal drive again. The changes are subtle. They are not a ‘high’ that you may be accustomed to. For instance, if you feel fatigued you might notice that your eyes and forehead are heavy but after taking our supplements your eyes will feel open and you will yawn less. Instead of turning to caffeine or energy drinks to get your motor running, our supplements will actually give your body and brain what it is needing, not another cover up or reliance on caffeine or stimulants.

No, ProRecovery Rx will not give you a buzz. Many people will take products that use high doses of caffeine or other super stimulating ingredients (think working out products) that will give you a quick buzz and then a debilitating crash. Our supplement line rebuilds your reward pathway but will not give you a buzz or a crash. It will even out mood and energy which is what your brain is really searching for.

Because most of that product is low grade, untested garbage. Also you will need 15-20 bottles to get what you are receiving in our packets. You would spend even more money and probably not use half of it because it would be A LOT of pills to take.